We are

an experienced team of real estate professionals with a proven track record of more than twenty years in the successful development of downtown projects that achieve attractive returns with reasonable risk. Our flagship is Palladium, a multi-purpose landmark in downtown Prague managed by our Asset and Property Management Division.


Our extensive know-how and knowledgeble teams in the local market ensure successful investments and intelligent asset management.

Our management core values:

  • Achievement. Reaching goals through leadership and proactivity.
  • Attentiveness. Focusing on the details to avoid potential difficulties in the future.
  • Reliability. Providing peace of mind that we will be there. Always.
  • Dedication. Taking steps to ensure the success of every project.
  • Versatility. Changing and adapting to new or unexpected challenges.
  • Problem Solving. Providing solutions for demanding situations or negotiations.

In all our activities we follow the policy of environmental management because the environmental protection and regulation of the impact of our activities on the environment is crucial for us. The proof of this is the fact that we are a holder of the certificate ISO 14001:2016.